Indian character and ethos have been valued and emulated from times immemorial. Not only has India been one of the earliest civilization, but has also witnessed the birth of religious convictions. "Ramayana", one of the earliest mythologies to be written represents the glory, greatness, purpose and joy of human birth, universally and eternally. This, Universally acclaimed Indian character and ethos originated, was sustained, valued and sublimated in the life and work of Rama par excellence. It represents the glory, greatness, purpose and joy of human birth universally and eternally. There were no destitute or unhappy people in his kingdom. "Ramrajyam" can be perceived as the ideal existence for human societies anywhere in the world as the personal and social values therein are exemplary, worthy of emulation, practicable, challenging and superior to all known systems of this day.

About Ramayana park

We propose to develop 100 acres of land for this purpose in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam city in Andhra Pradesh, India. The estimated cost is US $ 1 Million (Rs. 5 Cr), to be raised through contributions and public funds. All contributions are exempted from taxation. We hope to engender contributions from all countries with noble cultural aspirations and interest in Indian Mythology. The frescoes, models, books and pictorials will be cherished as divine art. Their aesthetics and splendor will hold connoisseurs of art spellbound. The Ramayana Park will romanticize the epic with its cherished values of peace, spirituality, science and cosmic religious musings.

Sri Rama Pattabhisekham

Ramayana Park is not only a Historical, Educational, Cultural and Spiritual Cynosure but the new millennium's hope for good governance andPeace. To understand the essence of life and for mankind to realize the meaning and purpose of it, religious scriptures and biographies have been consulted before undertaking this project. All of these have established undeniably, "Ram" as the epitome of human virtues. It is with this lasting belief that the Ramayana Park is being constructed. We wish to create a heavenly human society in India and in the world. Our motto is to promote peace and happiness in human life, which will motivate people towards interminable good work.

Seventy-two tableaus on display

The epic Ramayana will be laid out as a visual experience in landscape and people who go through it will add a new dimension to their lives. Written version of the items will be depicted, to enable visitors comprehend the epic. The tender and sublime emotions and varied aspects of individual and community life will be on display. "Sound and Light" programmes will be arranged in appropriate places to dramatize the models.

Rama and Hanuman

Ganesh, Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Putra Kameshi, Sri Rama's birth, Sage Viswa Mitra, Demon Tataki, Yaga Rakshsa, Ahalya, Mithila, Siva's Bow, Sita Kalyanam, Lord Parasuram, Kaikeyi-Mandhara, Rama's Exile, Dasharatha's demise, Guha, Padukaas, Chitra Koot, Anasuya Devi, Forest Sages, Agastha Muni, Panchavati, Khara Dushana, Surpanakha, Transfiguration of Marich into Golden Deer, Sita's abduction, Jatayu, Kabandha, Sabri, Hanuman, Sugrreva, Kilkling of Bali, Swayam Prabha, Mahendra hill, Ocean Flight, Mainaka hill, Surasa, Simhiki, Lankini, Sita under the Ashoka-tree , Trijata, Lanka on fire, Madhu Vanam, Chudamani, March to Lanka, Bridge across the sea, Vibhishana, Rameshwar, Angada mission, War, Kumbhakarna, Lakshmana faints, Sanjeevani, Ravan's defeat, Sita's fire ordeal and exile, Pushpaka Viman, Nandigram, Bharadwaj Ashram, Rama"s coronation, Valmiki Ashram, Lava-Kusha, Aswamedha , Sita"s return, Sita's vow, Ram Rajyam,Rama's Court, Balaji, Ranchodji, Siva Parvati and the Universe are the models in the park.

Each display may cost upto Rs.1, 00,000. Sponsors will be honoured with their names written in Gold and generations to come will appreciate their noble act. All donations are exempted from taxation. While Children will be delighted by the fantasy Tourists, Visitors and holiday goers will acclaim this project, the first of its kind in India and in the World as a cultural paradise.

The Other features include pictures and images pavilion of Ram devotees, auditorium for cultural activities, 18 cottages for the inmates and guests, food center, library, Spiritual and Yoga center, Sita Ram temple, prayer hall, museum, art gallery, Literary school and magazines and a botanical garden. An Encyclopedia on Ram is also being compiled for the library.