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  • I have given series of notes/videos in youtube/ramram1935 dealing with the greatness of Andhras as a nation and they need to work together towards Ramrajyam All the great leaders of yore worked for the unity integrity and prosperity of Telugu people . Ram Website .

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  • Petty minded politicians without vision and love for the country have caused the differences and spread hatred in our peaceful families What is permanent in life if you do not work for peace and happiness of your own people. . Ram Website .

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  • At the present juncture of mankind's growth into the 21 century all narrow domestic, fanatical, cult-based , regional, linguistic , denominational and other differences have no place. Mother Earth can be served better if all nations work together .

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    For nearly 70 years i have studied the people of our country at all levels in all the cities and country side. People are kind hearted and innocent. They are suffering a lot for want of necessities like food , clothinghe media presentations. I feel sad that with all the resources land minerals, wate dividing innocent people and create problems to the society. We can easily sort out the differences and give hope to all people if we seriously explain to them of the benfits in being together and promote mega projects in industry and agriculture. All will be benfited.

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    Declare india as one Nation-State and build mega factories utilizing materials, technology and youth power as being done in the developed countries. A great nation like India can not afford to be neglected by internal problems and regional differences for political reasons.

    Declare india as one Nation-State and build mega factories utilizing materials, technology and .

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    Monday 21st January

    Great Statesmen and leaders like pundit Nehru , patel, madam gandhi, and others deliberated on national issues including formation of new States. Hyderabad was proposed as a second capital for the entire country considering its special features. warangal would be suitable capital for a smaller State of Telangana. It is not fair to deprive Rayalaseema and Seemandhra of the developments made in Hyderabad during the last several decades as a joint family. Great things and development can be achived by the Telugu Speaking Nation of 11 Crores people if they are allowed to live in peace and work unitedly by the power-monging petty leaders. A great city like Hyderabad need not be truncated or degraded..